Stop Stigmatising People with Sickle Cell Disorder

We see many instances where a person with Sickle Cell Disorder is stigmatised for their condition. That is unfair and rude and we must all put a stop to it at once.

It is hard enough for the individual to cope with the disorder, than to have the added issue of being stigmatised.

Sickle Cell Disorder is a hereditary condition, where by the person was born with Blood Genotype SS. It is no fault of the person that they were born with the condition. They did not ask to be born with such a condition.

People with Sickle Cell Disease are more delicate than most people and hence, the need for a higher level of consideration to accommodate them and make them comfortable.

Organizations will have to make some degree of allowance to people with Sickle Cell Disorders to make their workstations more comfortable, allow for extra heating or cooling, working remotely, if they cannot travel into the office and accommodating to their needs, to assist them in delivering a brilliant service to your organisation.

Healthcare Organisation should give priority attention to people with Sickle Cell Disorders when they present with a crises. A number of hospitals have created Sickle Cell Hubs for this purpose.

Family, friends, colleagues and contacts: be considerate and accept people for who they are without criticism. If you cannot help, do not hurt.

If you suffer from Sickle Cell Disease, do not be ashamed of yourselves or your condition. Hold your head up with pride. Let your organisation or institution know your status. Majority of people are kind and willing to help, though they might need a bit of educating to understand your condition and your special needs.

If you are in crises and go to a hospital, make your condition clear to the attending Healthcare Provider. Unfortunately, they may also need a bit of educating to understand your condition and need for prompt attention. Carry your list of medication and Medical History with you, at all times.

We are on a quest to eradicate Sickle Cell Disease. Join us in this quest by knowing your Blood Genotype and making intelligent, compatible choice of a partner.

Contact us for information on Blood Genotype Testing.

Share with two or three contacts. Little steps will eventually get us to our goal of eradicating Sickle Cell Disorder.

Wishing you pain-free existence, excellent health, wellness and abundance.

Sade Tolani


Sadé Tolani is a Solopreneur who loves to travel and aims to visit all the countries in the world. So far, she has made it to over fifty countries.

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