Stranded In The Middle Of The Indian Ocean

‘Live your life to the fullest, so you have no regrets.’

Sasha loves to travel. To date, she has visited five continents: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America. Antarctica and South America are on the cards for her next trips.

Sasha was invited to attend a wedding in India. How much fun that was. As usual, Sasha planned her trip to include one or two other neighbouring countries. Sasha rarely returns to her base the way she departed. She just buys a one-way ticket to her first destination and takes each day as the Kind Lord delivers it to her.

Sasha’s trip to India involved a stopover in Muscat, Oman. An interesting Emirate. Compared to Dubai, it was more tamed, the roads appeared wider, probably because there was less traffic. The airport felt huge, but with much fewer people. Mellow country. Nice food 😊

The wedding in India was set on a beautiful beach in Goa. It was exquisite. First a poolside party the day before, then the traditional Indian wedding on the beach. For a Food and Music Lover like Sasha, this was close to heaven.

Sunset at a Beach-side Wedding in Goa

Sasha’s return leg included a stopover in the beautiful islands of the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Maldives is made of over a thousand Islands, grouped into twenty-six atolls. A number of the atolls have been built into Private Resorts and the rest are occupied by the locals.

In prior years, a visitor to the Maldives could only stay on the Private Resorts. Now, some of the Local Islands are open to receiving visitors.

Whilst in the Maldives, Sasha stayed on the Island of Maafushi, an Island occupied by the Locals, but now open to foreigners. Naturally, she had to visit one of the Resort Islands, to satisfy her curiosity. She chose to visit the Private Resort of Rannalhi.

She arranged to go on a Speed Ferry from Maafushi to Rannalhi with her friend. How exciting. It was a wet, cloudy, rainy, windy day, but hey ho, safe enough to travel. The Islanders said it was safe to travel and so did the Skipper. Travel they did.

It was a small speed boat with a capacity for ten passengers. There were six paying passengers, plus the Skipper and the Helmsman.

It was a twenty-minute boat ride. The weather was wet, windy and it was raining. The passengers pulled down window blinds to stop from getting wet. They set off on time.

The Skipper revved the little boat’s engine on the rough sea and the boat bounced off wave after wave, after wave. Oh la la! Sasha doesn’t do too well on boat rides. She is okay with short, fast trips. No one was comfortable with the way the Skipper was revving this little boat on this semi-rough sea. We all exchanged looks after yet another uncomfortable bounce off a wave. It felt like the little boat was going to break in two or more pieces.

Halfway through the trip and suddenly, after another bounce of the boat on a wave, the engine of the boat cut out. Ooooops.

The Skipper re-started the engine. Nothing 😮. He asked the Helmsman to press a button in a box under a seat, at the back of the boat, containing the engine of the boat. Still no life in the boat.

All of us passengers looked at one another, then at the Skipper, then at the Helmsman. The Helmsman looked at the Skipper and the Skipper back at him. They both looked worried. Oh dear!

Sasha and the passengers looked around. All they could see was a beautiful expanse of clear water. It was beautiful. No other boat in sight. No island in sight, only clear water. Certainly, not swim-able. Sasha’s friend looked out of the window at the sea, trying to look cool and undisturbed. The other passengers were also quiet, probably, quietly praying.

Ferry crossing the Indian Ocean

In the silence of the boat, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Sasha asked herself one question: If she was to perish here, would she have any regrets about her life? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. After a quick flash of her life in her eyes, she thought, “No! No regrets”. Much as she would love to do more things in life, like visit more countries and the other two continents she hadn’t visited, so far, she had seized majority of the opportunities that came her way, even if they did not pan out as expected. She can say, at last she attempted it. She gave life a good shot. She loved life and life loved her back.

Sasha loves sweet stuff. In the bid to cut down on sugar, she switched to cinnamon syrup and honey for her coffees and other drinks. She still has too much of the stuff in her drinks. She loves sweet Mango Lassi. She thought, if she sank to the bottom of this beautiful ocean, she would make a sweet treat for the fishes and the corals. Mmmmmmmm!

Whilst she was still day dreaming and re-capping her life’s adventures, the Helmsman had gone to re-start the boat’s engine and low and behold, the boat came back to life — Yipeeeeee! Sasha gets to live another day and hopefully, many, many more years. This is one of the life experiences that prompted Sasha to write and publish her chronicles.

No need to wait for perfection. Just progress with what you have.

The boat jumped to life and the crew continued their ride on the beautiful Indian Ocean to the magnificent Island of Rannalhi, with its white sands and clear waters. You could see the fishes, including sharks, swimming. The posh water houses, hammocks and great food. It was definitely worth the trip and worth getting stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Beautiful clear waters on Rannalhi

Sasha’s trip to the Maldives is certainly unforgettable.

Whenever you have the opportunity to travel or do something, seize the opportunity. We tend to regret the things we didn’t do, rather than the things we do.

Rannalhi with its gorgeous white sands

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Have a great life!


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