Sick As A Dog En-route to Saint Lucia

‘Take time out to explore our beautiful world.’

Here goes Sasha on one of her escapades.

Sasha took time out of her life for a sabbatical. She chose to break away from the hum-drum of her life in Europe and jetted off to the French Caribbean. Sasha didn’t speak a word of French 🤔

This was a great time in her life, filled with sun, sand, sea and more. One of Sasha’s fun times was a trip to a Jazz Festival in St. Lucia.

Her French friends invited her to the annual trip from the French Caribbean Island of Martinique to the English speaking Island of St. Lucia.

Her friends rented a Catamaran, which conveniently accommodated and slept eight people. Sasha loves the water. It was her first time on a voyage in a Catamaran.

Her French friends picked her up from the agreed meeting point. Sasha was so excited. Her friends were also very excited because they had Sasha coming along with them. Their spoken English was a little shaky and Sasha’s French was very basic, but they did communicate very well. They didn’t have to worry, as most of both Islanders speak Creole.

Sasha had a pact with her French Friends. The pact was that her French Friends spoke English as much as possible, whilst Sasha corrected their English and encouraged them to keep speaking English. Sasha also spoke in French as much as possible and her French Friends corrected her French.

The arrangement worked pretty well as over the months that they knew each other, Sasha’s spoken French improved and so did her French friends’ English.

The Catamaran was cute. It was called La Reine. It was white with navy blue trimmings and La Reine was written in navy blue. It was classy. Inside the Catamaran was deceptively large, with four cabins: twin beds in three of the rooms and each with a loo, a sink and a shower. The sink was directly opposite the loo and you simply replaced the toilet seat cover and showered in the available space.

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A Catamaran at sea.

All aboard, St. Lucia, here we come!. Sasha doesn’t do too well on boats, so she had a double dose of Motion-Sickness Tablets and put on her Motion-Sickness wrist band.

On board the Catamaran, music started and food was being warmed up. The Catamaran set a-sail. There was a lot of laughing and teasing in English and in French. The sea was a bit choppy and the Catamaran swayed on the seas. On the same note, Sasha’s bowels swayed in tune with the swaying Catamaran.

Oh la la 😮, the queasiness continued. Sasha became quieter. She felt every joke or laughter jiggle her intestines. She couldn’t hold it any longer. She excused herself from the group and went into her cabin and into the tiny en-suite.

She lifted the toilet seat and pulled down her knickers just in time to avoid an accident — Phew. Next minute, she was puking into the sink, which was just at an accessible distance from where she was sitting on the loo. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her, she was discharging contents from her mouth orifice above and her bum orifice below. Definitely not a pretty sight 😖

Sasha had no idea how long she was sat on the loo for or how long she had been puking for. One of her friends came to check on her. When she heard the sound of Sasha chucking her guts out, she was satisfied that Sasha was still alive. They were used to new comers and some of their guests, being sea-sick.

Sasha had no idea how she was going to survive the rest of the trip to Saint Lucia. There was no turning back now. It got to the point where there was nothing more to throw up and nothing down below to excrete. Sasha got up from the loo, hosed down the loo and sink, freshened up, brushed her teeth, then joined the rest of the party.

On appearing on the deck of the Catamaran, her French friends hailed her and assured her that she would live. They got a deck cushion for her and asked her to lie flat on her back on it and close her eyes. She obeyed them. Interestingly, her queasiness subsided, may be because there was nothing in her guts to chuck out in either direction 😏

She dared not move for fear of opening her vowels again, so she missed out on the merrymaking, yummy food, chit-chat and dancing on the deck. Poor Sasha.

Three and a half hours later, they arrived in Saint Lucia. Sasha survived the trip — Yippppeeeeee. As they were going to be on the shores for just a few hours overnight and to avoid paying Harbour Fees, the crew docked the Catamaran about a hundred meters to the beach. They could hear the music of the Jazz Festival. How exciting. Sasha recovered fast.

Every body got into their swimsuits, wrapped up their dry party outfits in waterproof bags, held the bags above the water as well as they could and swam to shore.

On arrival on the beach, the crew changed into their party outfits and joined in the street dancing of the Jazz Festival. What a blast. The atmosphere was electric. There were so many different stalls offering different kinds of music, entertainment and food.

Sasha and her friends danced across from stall to stall, revelling in the Jazz life on a Caribbean Island.

Dancing in the streets.

Dawn broke and it was time to return to the Catamaran for some shut-eye, before hitting the sea and heading back to Martinique.

The crew danced back to the shore, undressed, got into their swimsuits, tied their party clothes in a water-proof bag, held the bag as best as they could above the water, swam to the boat and climbed back onto the Catamaran. An unforgettable night of a Live Jazz Street Party.

Sasha held that thought and used it to suppress the dreaded thought of the anticipated horrible sea-sickness she was due to experience.

After a few hours of sleep, the crew had some breakfast and got ready to set sail back to Martinique. Sasha made sure she had nothing to eat or drink except for some sea-sickness tablets. She took her position on the deck on one of the deck cushions and lay flat, with her eyes closed.

About an hour into the journey, Sasha started to feel queasy and sick. She knew the drill. She went into her cabin, bum on loo, mouth in the sink and emptied her gut from both ends, albeit, involuntarily. Poor girl.

Sasha made it back to Martinique and lived to tell the tale and many more tales. That was a Jazz Jam she’ll remember forever.


Wouldn’t you think Sasha would have learnt her lesson and steered clear from Catamarans? Oh no, Sasha couldn’t resist another trip across the Caribbean Sea from Martinique to Dominica for the Dominican Carnival.

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Some of the Caribbean Islands

On this trip, the seas were so rough, Sasha literally puked her guts out. She was down to bile. Her glasses got blown off her face by the wind, whilst she was puking over the deck rail. She later saw some dolphins in the sea, by their Catamaran and made a joke that one of the dolphins was wearing her glasses 😄😄😄.

Sasha did not return to Martinique on the Catamaran, she flew back. She couldn’t go through all that puking again. Lessons learnt, hopefully 😌

The experiences of these trips, the islands, the culture, the colours, the music, the food, the people, the entertainment, the magic is far too enriching to miss.

Try it!

Thanks for reading.

Join Sasha for more laughs here:


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Sadé Tolani is a Solopreneur who loves to travel and aims to visit all the countries in the world. So far, she has made it to over fifty countries.

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