Morea Island with A Bird & Fish Feeder

Sasha’s Unplanned Trip, Halfway Round The World!

I’m not in competition with anyone. I simply strive to be a better ‘me’.

Sasha loves visiting new countries. Her birthday treat to herself is usually a trip to a country she has never visited before.

For her need for ‘Heat’ to melt her fat – 😄, she gave zero thought to which hot country to go to. She got in touch with a dear friend of hers, Kazaa, who also loves adventures and was serving a posting to Tahiti. Sasha had never been to Tahiti before. Good reason to visit.

Sasha bought herself a one-way ticket to Tahiti, that way, she wasn’t confined to specific travel dates and routes. Though an expensive affair, Sasha loves the flexibility of being able to chop and change her travel plans, as desired.

The first leg of her journey was London to Los Angeles on Norwegian Airlines. Norwegian Airlines offered reasonably priced one way tickets to different parts of the world. Though Sasha had visited several States in the U.S. and as close as SAN Diego, she had never been to Los Angeles. Great opportunity to visit. She had a blast with an old friend she hooked up with.

They explored the Metro, went dancing, went walking, went to the Santa Monica Beach, visited Hollywood. Her American friend loved the new spontaneous excitement Sasha injected into her life. It was her first time on the Metro in Los Angeles, despite having lived there for over twenty odd years. She happily let loose and danced her life away with Sasha at some Afro-Caribbean Club.

From Los Angeles, Sasha nipped over to San Francisco for one night, to hook up with a friend she met at a wedding in Germany. She had so much fun on the Trolleys, just going up and down the place. She then returned to Los Angeles and made headway to Tahiti.

Los Angeles to Tahiti was a long flight, pleasant but long. It was a night flight and not full, so Sasha had the opportunity to stretch out and sleep for most of the journey. Tahiti, here we come – Yippeeeeee! On arrival, Sasha was met by her friends, the traditional way, with garlands and a necklace made of shells. A treasure for life.

Sasha had a blast in Tahiti, part of which is relayed in her chronicles, “Doctor, I’m Fat… Part II”. She achieved her aim of getting heat into her body, melting a lot of her fat, re-revving her vavavoom and visiting a new part of the world. She spent her birthday on the Island of Morea, feeding birds and swimming with fishes, including sharks 😎 You can see the sharks in the picture, on the left side.

Tahitians have one of the most beautiful collection of tattoos. As a treat to herself and sweet memories of Tahiti, Sasha got herself a tattoo which read ‘Love – Peace – Joy – Freedom – Abundance’, her creed for living and wish for all.

Heading back to the UK, Sasha decided to head westwards, as she travelled eastwards from the UK. So rather than head back via Los Angeles, she chose a different route.

First leg of the route was via. Auckland, New Zealand. The fascinating thing about this trip was crossing the Time Zone. One minute it was the 9th of March and the next minute, it was back to the 8th of March. Wow. Sasha was chuffed.

The New Zealanders had such beautiful pale olive skin like in-between the Tahitians and the Australians. She visited the Sky Tower where she got a 360 degree panoramic view of Auckland. Very fascinating.

From Auckland, Sasha headed to Sydney, Australia. You cannot be in Sydney and not visit the Opera House. Oh yes, Sasha was there.

The following morning, Sasha headed to Melbourne. The people looked so much like Americans. and there were lots of Chinese in Melbourne. The roads and buildings looked very much like those is New Jersey, USA. Really fascinating. Directions and instructions were in both English and Chinese – Mmmmmmmmmm!😏

Sasha had a friend in Tasmania and decided to pay her a visit. She left her case at Melbourne Airport and hopped on a small plane to Tasmania. The flight was just about an hour and half but the temperature dropped from 24 Celsius in Melbourne to 16 Celsius in Tasmania. Phew! What an unexpected drop. ‘Where’s my heat?’ Sasha pondered. Sasha’s friend met her at the airport. They hadn’t seen each other in years. They had so much to catch up and much of the island to explore. Another beautiful experience for Sasha. After about a week in Tasmania, it was time to continue her trip.

Back to Melbourne Airport and off to the UK, via Hong Kong. That was another long flight, over the ocean for most of the flight, but the fascinating thing was crossing the Equator from the South to the North. Sasha couldn’t take her eyes off the TV Screen showing the plane’s journey. Wow!

Sasha finally arrived in Hong Kong, late in the evening. She checked into a hotel by the airport, had a good massage and body scrub, some dinner and zonked, out, ready to explore Hong Kong the next day.

On leaving her hotel for the Hong Kong Eye, looking down from one of the top floors in the airport, was a sea of red Taxis, like a thousand of them, moving in a systematic, orderly fashion, picking up passengers arriving at the airport. That is a sight she would always remember.

She got a good view of Hong Kong from the Hong Kong Eye and had fun bumming around the Shopping Complex. The queue into the Apple shop was like a mile long – Oh dear.

Sasha couldn’t make it to Victoria Peak because she overslept and had a flight to catch. Who wouldn’t oversleep, after such a terrific massage and body scrub?😍. Never mind, next time.

Last leg of the journey is back to the UK. Another long flight, but Sasha was glad to be heading back home.

On arrival in London, the weather was gloomy, grey, drizzling, cold, wet, Sasha knew she had landed in the right country. She was so happy. Home Sweet Home!

Across, four Continents, three oceans, a Time Zone, across the Equator, four and a half kilograms lighter, Sasha had every reason to be pleased with herself.

Though unplanned, that was a fruitful, well deserved trip, half way round the world.

Live your life to the fullest, so you have no regrets!

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