Sasha’s Menstrual Journey

Warning: Graphic description.

Love, Laugh & Learn

Discovering Daye’s CBD Tampons and Cannabidiol brought back memories of Sasha’s harrowing menstrual journey. She wishes these options were available to her when she was a teenager. Better late, than never. Ladies can benefit from these pain relieving solutions.

Sasha was a tomboy, still is, with a bit of refinement. She will wear a dress now 😊

Sasha started her periods about the age of 12, whilst she was out and about doing wheelies on her bike. She noticed a bloody stain on her shorts. She assumed she had hurt herself whilst riding her bike, but couldn’t find any obvious cut.

Sasha, as well as all her siblings were duty bound to report any injury, no matter how trivial, even as tiny as an insect bite, to their parents. So she told her Mum about the bloody stain in her pants and shorts.

Sasha was surprised when her Mum broke into a dance. Her Mum ordered some chicken and started to celebrate.

Sasha couldn’t understand why her Mum was jubilating. Mum then explained to Sasha about her becoming a woman. Mum told Sasha that now that she has become a woman. she has to wear dresses and stop playing football, rough and tumble with the boys.

Sasha’s Mum bragged to her friends about her daughter’s new found womanhood. Mum’s friends had all sorts of advice for Sasha. Her Mum’s best friend told Sasha that if she as much as held hands with a boy, she could get pregnant 😮

In the beginning, Sasha’s periods were very irregular. The next time she has a period was months later on Sports Day in school, boarding school.

She had just run the 800 Meter race for her hostel. Soon after, she started to feel uncomfortable. Minutes later, she started to throw up. Next, she curled up into a ball on the track, in severe pain.

Her house-mates and house-mistress were surprised at this sudden change in Sasha. They carried her off to the School Infirmary. The Nurse saw this distressed child in pain and did the first thing to relieve her of the pain. She gave her an injection of Novalgin, a pain-killer, in her buttock.

The pain of the injection in Sasha’ buttock took her mind off the pain in her tummy for a bit. The pain gradually subsided as she fell asleep in the infirmary.

When she woke up, she noticed the bloody mess in her knickers. She now knew what the pain was all about. Another period.

A few months later, school broke up and Sasha went home. The next day, she started to feel uncomfortable. Next minute, she started throwing up, rolling and writhing on the floor, crying in pain.

Her Dad stood over her on the floor, wondering what the hell was going on with Sasha. The worst thoughts were going through is mind. Poor man. Eventually, he summed up the courage and asked: ‘When last did you have your period?’ ‘That is what is killing me now.’, Sasha cried out.

Her Dad then scooped her up, put her in the car and took her to the nearest Private Clinic. Her Dad told the Doctor that Sasha was having Menstrual Pain. The Doctor looked at the distressed child, pulled out a syringe, filled it up with Novalgin, Valium and Buscopan, then plunged the syringe into Sasha’s buttock.

The pain of the injection in her buttock diverted the pain from her tummy. The combination cocktail knocked Sasha out and she fell asleep. Her Dad took her home. When Sasha woke up, the new pain in her buttock from the injection site, was a welcome change from the distress of her Period Pain.

Luckily for Sasha, her periods were irregular. She had intervals of up to five months between periods. She never knew when to expect her next period. She never gave it any thought, until it made an unexpected, distressing appearance.

The next time she had a period was whilst she was visiting her Mum, who was in university in Liverpool. Her Mum knew what to expect and simply carted Sasha off to her GP.

Injections are not commonly administered in the UK, so the GP tried to get Sasha to swallow some pills. Luckily, she hadn’t started vomiting, so she was able to swallow the pills and to keep it down.

The GP suggested to Mum that Sasha goes on the Contraceptive Pill, which will help to regulate her periods and may help with the pain. Mum was quite sceptical about a girl that young, going on the Pill, but watching the degree of distress Sasha goes through each period, she reluctantly agreed.

Along with the Pain-Killers prescribed, Sasha had some Contraceptive Pills.

The Pills did help with regulating Sasha’s periods and managing the pain. Now she knew when to expect her periods and doused herself with pain-killers, days before it began. On the occasions when she forgets to prepare for the pain, she had terrible incapacitating pain. Unable to function, unable to go for lectures, throwing up, crying in pain. This went on through Sasha’s A-Levels and time in university. At university, on the occasions when she ended up in the Infirmary or the hospital, she was given injections of Pethidine or Morphine. It’s amazing Sasha never turned out to be an addict 😎

A lot of people cannot understand how a young girl could have such pain, especially male Doctors, after all, ‘She is only menstruating’, they say. What’s the big deal about menstruation? One male doctor actually described Sasha as having Psychological problems.

Sasha was asked to describe the pain she felt during her periods.

‘A couple of days before my periods’, Sasha said, ‘I start to feel bloated. I now know the signs, so I start to take some pain-killers. I also take some Buscopan, an anti-spasmodic agent’.

‘My uterus doesn’t like company’, she continued. ‘My bowels must be emptied. I have diarrhoea and vomit, till my gut is completely empty.’

‘Soon after’, Sasha continued, ‘I start to feel my uterus quivering and going into spasms. My lower abdomen feels like it is on fire. The nerves running down the back of my thighs and legs get irritated and my legs start to quiver. I can no longer stand. I fall where ever I am, moribund and a quavering mess. I can feel my uterus expelling blood and its lining.’

‘My sense of smell is heightened’, she continued. ‘I can smell the iron in the haemoglobin in the blood. Everything becomes irritating. I feel like I am going out of my head. Yes, sleep is always a welcome. Anything to detach me from the pain of menstruation’.

‘By Day 2 of my Period, I look gaunt and drained like I have suffered a long standing chronic illness’, she concluded.

Over the years, Sasha found coping mechanisms for her period pain. She found that using Tampons rather than Sanitary Pads made her a little less irritable. With tampons, she didn’t feel the trickle of the bloody discharge and didn’t smell the blood as much.

She continued with the same Pill for ten years. She started to have some funny muscular headache around her forehead. Her GP suggested changing her Pill. Yipppeeeee, Sasha yelped excitedly. A break from the Pill.

Rather than continue with the Pill until her next period, then change to the new Pill, Sasha stopped the Pill.

Lo and behold, within three weeks of stopping the pill, Sasha got pregnant. Oh dear!🙄

That’s a story for another day!

No more periods, no more period pains, only pregnancy to cope with.

Following delivery, Sasha had no plans of going back on the Pill. She clipped her tubes. After she stopped breast-feeding, months later, her Periods resumed and the Period Pains came back with a vengeance.

Whenever she had a period, Sasha could not go to work, could not take her child to school, she fed him on Weetabix or whatever was accessible to her from her bed. The pains continued.

GPs gave her new combination of pain killers to no avail.

Homeopathy did not help, either.

One day, after Sasha recovered from one of her period pains, she booked, yet another appointment with her GP. She requested for a referral to a Gynaecologist. Her GP initially refused. He couldn’t justify giving anyone a referral to the hospital for Menstrual Pain. Sasha refused to leave his office. He eventually gave her a referral based on the heavy bleeding. Sasha requested for a Female Gynaecologist.

Sasha finally got her appointment with a Lady Gynaecologist, who asked Sasha for how she could help her. Sasha came out, point blank and said, ‘I want my uterus removed’. The Gynaecologist was taken aback with Sasha’s blunt request. After she regained her composure, she took a proper history from Sasha and examined her. She then bargained with Sasha. She asked Sasha to try the Mirena Coil and if after six months, she still had nasty period pains, she would oblige Sasha and take out her womb.

The Lady Gynaecologist tried fitting the Mirena Coil as an Outpatient Procedure, but it didn’t work. Sasha had to be knocked out to have the Mirena Coil fitted under General Anaesthesia .

Month One: Wonderful news! The pains subsided. Though the pain was there, Sasha could function. With some Pain Killers, she could actually get out of bed and go to work, for once.

Month Two: Sasha survived on just Paracetamol. Wow. The bleeding also subsided tremendously.

Month Three: Sasha could cope with just Paracetamol.

By Month Six, Sasha knew she had a winner in the Mirena Coil. She didn’t need anymore Pain-Killers. She wished knew about it earlier. Hey-ho, better late than never. Sasha became an advocate for the Mirena Coil.

Another thing that might have helped Sasha with her period pains is Daye’s cramp soothing CBD Tampons and Cannabidiol.

Sasha is rarely ill, just the odd headaches, colds, aches and pain from exercising. Rather than take Paracetamol or conventional Pain Killers, Sasha derives great benefit from Cannabidiol Oil Drops, a natural, no side-effect, alternative supplement. It does wonders for Sasha.

Please do not understate the pain of menstruation.

Medical Clinics like Integro are researching the use of non-conventional medication like Medical Cannabis as a means of making Period Pain and the pain of Endometriosis, bearable for ladies.

If you do suffer nasty Period Pains or Endometriosis, try the Mirena Coil or CBD Infused Tampons or Cannabidiol or a combination.

Wishing you pain-free periods.

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Sadé Tolani is a Solopreneur who loves to travel and aims to visit all the countries in the world. So far, she has made it to over fifty countries.

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