Doctor, I am Fat! 🙄😪 – Part II of II

‘I’m perfect in my perfect imperfections’.

Following Sasha’s visit to the Doctor, telling him that she is fat and the Doctor telling her that, since she is not clinically obese and only borderline overweight, he can’t give her any magic pills for her weight, the Doctor advised her Sasha to simply continue exercising and eating healthily.

‘I’m already doing that and it’s not working’, she said, looking forlorn. A jolt of inspiration hit her. ‘I know what my body needs, she thought aloud. What? HEAT!!

How does she get the ‘heat’? Sasha jetted off to Tahiti. The temperature in Tahiti averaged 38 Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) when she arrived. Phew. She felt her fat melting, literally from the moment she landed at the airport.

Sasha was away for eight weeks. She was so lucky, her dear friend insisted she stayed with her and they had a swimming pool in the complex where she lived.

Swimming is one of Sasha’s favourite pastimes. She swam twenty to fifty lengths twice a day. She tagged along with her friend to her Tahitian Dance Classes, two hours each time, twice a week. Tahitian Dance is far more energetic than Zumba and a great deal of fun. She took long walks on the days she wasn’t dancing.

Sasha literally melted. The heat did her a lot of good. Her vavavoom was re-revved. Swimming in the warm pool, under the hot sun, dripping pails of sweat and learning those tricky Tahiti dance moves, melting under the hot sun as she took long walks, jump-started her sluggish metabolism.

Sasha de-stressed in the pool and in the sea and danced her worries away. She felt lighter and invigorated, just after two weeks. She knew she had done the right thing, seeking heat. Her friend took her boating, surfing, clubbing and more.

Sasha bought a one-way ticket to Tahiti and was in-between contracts, so she was in no hurry to return home 😄. She partied on.

I’m sure you want to know the outcome of Sasha’s Heat Trip 😊

Fantastic! She lost 4.5kg (9.9lb) in those eight weeks, equating to half a kilo or roughly a pound a week, all from swimming, dancing and walking. She felt so much better in myself.

Because Sasha bought a one way ticket from the U.K. to Tahiti, instead of returning to the U.K. via Los Angeles like she went, she returned via Australia. That’s a story for another day – ‘Sasha’s Unplanned Trip – Half-way Round The World’

‘Talking of weight loss, the first place to start is by losing the garbage in our minds, then the fat in our bellies would follow – hopefully🤔.’

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