ABC Basics reconnects us to the fundamentals of our existence and our purpose as human beings.

Charity begins at home. Human awareness must begin with the “SELF”.

Reconnecting with our source and establishing the purpose of our existence will enlighten and empower us to be the very best we’ve been created to be.

Pleasant reading!

A for Self-Acceptance

You are YOU!

There’s only one you in this world and there will only ever be one you.

You are unique.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Love and respect yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Accepting yourself for who you are would make it easier for other people to accept you for who you are.

You would also find it easier to open your heart and mind to accept, love and respect others for who they are.

Self-acceptance is the first step to a better YOU and a better world.

B for Self-Belief

Do you believe in YOU?

If you doubt yourself and your capabilities, no matter how many times people may tell you that they believe in you, you’ll never be convinced.

It’s your belief in yourself and your capabilities that can change YOUR world.

Believe in yourself and you’ll succeed.

C for Self-Confidence

The amount of confidence you have in yourself would move you to the heights you believe you can attain.

Don’t confuse cockiness with confidence.

Employers would pay more for confidence than for aptitude. Moreover, confident people are self-assured enough to ask for the remuneration they want.

You may not be confident in every area of your life, but you can transfer the feeling of confidence you have in one area of your life to that area in which you feel less confident.

Learn to build up your confidence.

Join confidence building or public speaking programs.

Practice acting with confidence.

Confidence is a priceless asset.

D for Self-Decision

No decision is right. You make your decision right.

If you don’t make a decision, someone else would make a decision for you.

It may be right, it may be wrong, it may be good, it may be bad. Whatever the case, it’s not your decision and you’ll never feel truly fulfilled about it.

When you make a decision and stick by it, you’ll always feel in better control of your life.

Make up your mind.

Make your own decisions.

Act on your decisions.

Stick to your decisions and principles.

Take charge of your life.

E for Self-Expectation

You are what you think.

You receive what you expect in life.

High expectations yield high returns.

Low expectations yield low returns.

Your thoughts make your world.

If you expect to succeed in a project, you will to the degree to which you expect to succeed.

A man went to the river to fish. God gave him a big fish to catch. He moaned and said his frying pan was too small for the size of the fish. So he ended up with a little fish, the size of his frying pan.

God wants to give you big things. Open your mind wide and make your expectations high.

Aim for the stars.

F for Self-Forgiveness

You’ve asked God to forgive you and He has, so why are you still holding the offense against yourself?

That’s a waste of emotion, which is harmful and can manifest as illnesses such as headaches, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers and even cancer.

Let go of all grievances.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive everyone else, whilst you are it.

G for Self-Gratitude

Gratitude brings plenitude.

Express an attitude of gratitude at all times, no matter your circumstances.

Remember, no matter how bad your situation may be, someone else is in a worse state.

Go about your activities with a grateful heart.

An attitude of gratitude coupled with high expectations will bring about the forces of coincidence and serendipity, which will make you appear lucky.

You’ll have rewarding days after days, months after months, years after years.

Keep smiling.

Be nice, kind and polite to everyone.

Be grateful for all you have and all that’s yet to come.

H for Self-Help

“Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

That’s absolutely right.

Do you wonder why your prayers haven’t been answered? It’s because you haven’t played your part in helping yourself.

No matter how impossible a situation might appear, you must get up and take that first step of faith to resolving your problem or achieving your objective. You’ll be amazed at the way doors would open and the necessary assistance you need would appear. But, you must DO something.

ACTION is what counts.

Pick up the phone and make that call.

Ask for what you want.

Get up, get out and go and see the people that can help you.

Write and post that application or letter.

Take the first step and heaven would guide you through the rest.

Act now!

I for Self-I

You are what you say you are.

What you tell yourself is more crucial than what people call you.

Call yourself a winner, and you’ll win at most things.

Call yourself a loser and you’ll lose at most things.

Call yourself lucky and luck shall follow you all day long.

Call yourself unlucky and you wonder why you always have bad luck.

Call yourself a champion and everyone will look up to you.

Call yourself a victim, and you’ll be victimized at every silly opportunity.

What is your “I”?

J for Self-Joy

Make a joyful sound at all times.

The power of life and death rests in your tongue.

Let the sounds you emit from your mouth and the rest of your being, be of a joyful nature.

In return, you’ll hear joyful sounds, you’ll receive joyful news, and you’ll exist in a joyful environment, no matter what may be happening around you.

Remain joyful at all times.

Don’t let anything or anyone dampen your joy.

K for Self-Kindness

Be kind to “Number One”!

Treat yourself with loving care.

When you treat yourself with kindness, love, respect and care, people will reflexly treat you the same way.

You can’t be kind to others if you aren’t kind to yourself. That’s a false kindness.

Charity begins from within you.

You deserve to be treated kindly, so start with you.

L for Self-Love

God loves you the most. Then you love YOU the most. Then others love you.

You love the God in You the most. Then you love others.

You can only truly love other people including your children, to the extent to which you love yourself.

You can only be truly loved by others, to the extent to which you love yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, you can never truly love anyone else.

You can only give out what you have in you.

You may be able to successfully display an act of love for the world to see, but you are the only one to truly suffer the deception.

Search your soul.

Be true to yourself.

Love yourself unconditionally.

M for Self-Mastery

Master yourself, or you’ll be mastered.

Master your emotions. Don’t let your emotions get out of control unnecessarily.

How often do you lose your temper? Why do you lose your temper? At who? When? For what reasons?

Examine your reactions and you’ll notice a pattern in your emotions.

People have come into your life to teach you how to master yourself. They may be your spouse, your children, your friends, your in-laws or other relatives.

They’ll push you to your limits. You must learn from them.

If you can’t control your emotions or if you keep reacting in an undignified manner, then your emotions are been mastered by factors other than yours.

Learn to master yourself.

N for Self -Nourishment

You are in complete control of what you put into your body.

Dump rubbish into your system and it’ll behave like a rubbish dump, sputtering, sluggish and cranking up at every opportunity.

Cleanse your body and you’ll feel your system flowing freely. You’ll feel energetic, light and your skin will glow.

Check out your nutrition. Make sure you eat healthy combinations at all times.

Examine your fluid intake. You need a fair amount of water on a daily basis to flush your system.

Review the other substances you ingest, like alcohol, smoke and drugs.

Are they beneficial to your system or destructive to your mind and body?

It’s your body and you feed it.

Feed it properly.

O for Self-Organization

Orderliness is Godliness.

Take time out to organize your life.

Organize your space. Pull out and dispose of all items that you don’t use.

Organize the items you use into a system you can follow easily.

Organize your time. Cut out unnecessary aimless activities and prioritise others.

Organize your finances.

Classify your assets and liabilities.

Make it a mission to get out of debt.

Plan for your future.

Organize your thoughts. Clear out negative thoughts and weeds. Replace your thoughts with clear, positive, focused thoughts.

An organized life is a freer and more peaceful one.

P for Self-Protection

Make it a life moto to protect yourself.

If you can’t protect yourself, you can’t protect your family or goods.

Protect your mind, body and spirit.

Safeguard yourself from destructive thoughts, harmful substances, deceptive people and dangerous environments.

Desist from abusing your body with destructive materials or indiscriminate sexual activities.

Never subject yourself to any form of abuse, be it physical, mental, emotional or financial.

Steer clear from abusers.

Put a complete stop to abuse by making the decision to protect yourself and acting on it.

By protecting yourself, you can protect your family and your goods.

Q for Self-Quality

It’s not the quantity of stuff you amass in your life that matters, but the quality of how you live your life.

You may acquire a mansion in the centre of a city with the latest mod cons and yet find your peace in a little cottage in the woods.

What’s quality to you? Is it peace of mind amidst nature or is it material things?

Is it a self-fulfilling career or simply a pay cheque?

Quality to you may be traveling, whilst quality to another person may be shopping.

Quality to you may be quantity to somebody else and quantity to you may be quality to some other person.

Don’t’ be a copycat.

Define what quality is to you and stick to your principles.

R for Self-Respect

You don’t demand respect. You command respect!

Don’t confuse respect with fear of authority. The latter is fake.

First and foremost, treat yourself with respect.

Conduct your actions with respect and communicate in a respectful manner with everyone at all times.

Ladies, act with dignity, so that you may be treated as queens.

Gentlemen, act with consideration to all females, especially your mothers.

Treat everyone you come across with respect, no matter who they may be.

Handle nature with respect.

Show respect for your valuables and for other peoples’ property.

Respect yourself, respect others, respect everything and you’ll command the respect you deserve.

S for Self-Sustenance

The world doesn’t owe you a living.

Your spouse, your family, or the government doesn’t owe you a living. They can assist in providing you with one.

God has blessed each and every one of you with the ability to sustain yourself by some means or the other. FIND IT AND DO IT.

You can provide a needed service to someone or an organization and be rewarded for it. Don’t let your pride keep you from doing it.

Do whatever work you can lay your hands on until you find a better one or until you secure the job of your dreams.

Get up, get out and work. There’s always work to be done.

Full time house-wives and house-husbands, ask your spouse to pay you for keeping the house. You deserve to be paid.

Don’t pretend to be helpless or to be a victim.

Embrace the power and talents in you.

T for Self-Trust

Trust and belief in yourself are the greatest factors for a successful and peaceful existence.

If you do not trust yourself, you cannot trust anyone else.

Don’t make the general mistake of placing your trust in other people, such as your spouse.

It is natural for human beings to err. However, it is your reaction to the human error that determines the degree of trust you have in yourself.

Do you react in a dignified, honest, loving and peaceful manner?

You are not obliged to trust another human being.

Your responsibility is to build a trusting relationship with yourself.

Think and act as a trustworthy person.

As likes attracts like, you‘ll attract trustworthy people into your sphere of life.

U for Self-Understanding

Nobody understands you!

You are absolutely right, because you don’t understand yourself either.

If you don’t understand yourself, how do you expect anyone else to understand you?

Stop blaming other people for not understanding you.

Start by learning about yourself.

Find out the type of person that you really are.

How to do you differ from the type of person that you have been conditioned to become, probably by your parents or spouse?

What role are you acting at present?

What are your likes and dislikes?

What can you tolerate or not tolerate?

How do you express your emotions?

What sort of person are you deep down?

What sort of person do you truly want to be?

What’s stopping you?

Find your true self and start being true to yourself. That’s your path to peace.

V for Self-Vision

How do you see yourself?

What visions do you have of yourself and of your life?

Are you living your vision?

Do you see yourself as someone who is limited or victimized because of who you are?

Or do you see yourself as someone with limitless opportunities and capabilities because of the vision you have of your life?

Remember, your vision is yours. No one can take away, nor alter your vision.

If you have a clear vision of victory in your life, victorious you shall emerge.

Keep your vision clear and alive at all times.

Your vision is yours and yours alone.

Make it a great vision.

W for Self-Worth

What are you worth?

Are you worth a hundred dollars or a billion dollars?

The choice is yours. You name your price. On the other hand you may consider yourself, PRICELESS.

Self-worth goes hand in hand with self-esteem.

Low self-esteem, low self-worth.

High self-esteem, high self-worth.

Don’t let anyone run you down and make you think you are worthless.

Don’t let anyone lower your self-esteem.

Stay away from such people.

Mingle with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Hold your head high and feel good about yourself.

Build up your self-esteem and you’ll automatically build up your self-worth.

You are a priceless human being.

X for Self-eXamination

Just as you have your car examined for a certificate of road worthiness;

Just as you take exams in school to move unto the next level;

Just as you have a physical examination before you are offered a job;

You must examine your life on a regular, periodic basis.

Where were you yesterday?

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be tomorrow?

Have you learnt from your past mistakes?

Are you doing what you need to do to get you where you want to be?

An unexamined life is one that simply exists, without experiencing its existence.

Take time out to examine all areas of your life: physical, social, educational, emotional, spiritual and financial and take the necessary steps for a better you.

Y for Self -Yoke

What’s the yoke that is binding your life?

Deep in your heart, you know what it is, though you may not be ready to accept it.

It may be as simple as laziness or procrastination.

If you aren’t clear about this problem, search your heart, ask God in a true and solemn prayer, for a revelation.

Be silent, meditate, listen to God speak to your heart and obey. You may not like what you hear, because the truth is always bitter. But the truth is what shall set you free.

The truth of your knowledge, properly applied would break the constricting effects in your life.

Go deep to the root of the problem and eliminate it from there.

Do what you have to do to break the yoke in your life and set yourself free.

Z for Self-Zebra

Love, accept and respect your stripes, be it black, white or in-between.

Love, accept and respect other peoples’ stripes, be it black, white or in- between.

Love and accept yourself for who you are. You are unique.

‘We are each other’s keepers.

Let’s teach our Youngsters to love, like and be kind to themselves and thus to others.

Love and respect begins with self.

Pleasant reading!

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