Being happy is each person's responsibility, starting by choosing to be happy.

If happiness for a Woman is getting out of a relationship, so be it. We all have to make the best of what life and time has to offer.

Thanks for your article, Franklin.

Sade Tolani

Sasha's Chronicles

Follow your bliss!

Sometimes one relationship is to prepare you for the next.

Take the lessons learnt in this relationship and your path of self-discovery, into your new life.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Sade Tolani

Sasha's Chronicles

Forgiveness offers sweet 'Freedom'.

Forgiveness is not for the other party, it is for the 'Forgiver'.

Forgiveness is by strong people, who are willing to drop their ego, for their inner peace.

Most importantly, is to forgive one's self.

Thanks for your article, Sarah.

Sade Tolani

Sasha's Chronicles

I changed careers at the age of thirty.

I made up my mind during my second year in university that I was going to change careers by the time I was thirty.

My son was under a year old and just learning to walk. Watching him fall on his butt, get up and try walking again gave me all the vavavoom I needed to start a new career.

Scary, but I did it and I'm so glad I did. I'm much happier doing stuff I love.

Thanks for your article, Natasha.

Sade Tolani

Sasha's Chronicles

It implies, this Woman has power over me that I cannot control and I must bring her down.

No one can ever bring a good Woman down.

Thanks for your insightful article, Carlyn.

Sade Tolani

Sasha's Chronicles

Warning: Graphic description.

Love, Laugh & Learn

Image from Pixabay

Discovering Daye’s CBD Tampons and Cannabidiol brought back memories of Sasha’s harrowing menstrual journey. She wishes these options were available to her when she was a teenager. Better late, than never. Ladies can benefit from these pain relieving solutions.

Sasha was a tomboy, still is, with a bit of refinement. She will wear a dress now 😊

Sasha started her periods about the age of 12, whilst she was out and about doing wheelies on her bike. She noticed a bloody stain on her shorts. …

From the word Sabbath: rest on the Sabbath day, Sasha decided she deserved a well earned break from her life in Europe. She has been working so hard, in contract roles as well as running an Accountancy business and raising a fantastic child, all on her own.

She made sure her child got the best education available to them in their city. He participated in activities of interest to him like football, basketball, ice-hockey, cricket, roller skating, whilst Sasha found time between generating an income to sustain them both adequately, to enjoy her life. They both had a great time.

Sade Tolani

A Solopreneur who loves life, loves people, loves exploring new countries and adventures through travel.

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