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Love, Laugh & Learn

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Discovering Daye’s CBD Tampons and Cannabidiol brought back memories of Sasha’s harrowing menstrual journey. She wishes these options were available to her when she was a teenager. Better late, than never. Ladies can benefit from these pain relieving solutions.

Sasha was a tomboy, still is, with a bit of refinement. She will wear a dress now 😊

Sasha started her periods about the age of 12, whilst she was out and about doing wheelies on her bike. She noticed a bloody stain on her shorts. …

From the word Sabbath: rest on the Sabbath day, Sasha decided she deserved a well earned break from her life in Europe. She has been working so hard, in contract roles as well as running an Accountancy business and raising a fantastic child, all on her own.

She made sure her child got the best education available to them in their city. He participated in activities of interest to him like football, basketball, ice-hockey, cricket, roller skating, whilst Sasha found time between generating an income to sustain them both adequately, to enjoy her life. They both had a great time.

Twenty-Twenty has been a strange year for ALL of us all over the world.

There’s been a great deal of losses worldwide in lives and material, but more so for each and every one of us, there is so much to be grateful for.

As long as we are alive and breathing, let’s continue to express gratitude.

Twenty-Twenty is coming to an end. We are back in lockdown in the U.K. along with some other European countries. Better safe than sick.

US has made history again. We have a brown-skinned female Vice-President. Keep it, Gals 😇

It’s not over till…

Schoelcher, Martinique

On one of her escapades, Sasha packed up their stuff, sold her house in Europe, picked up her eleven-year old son and jetted off for a well deserved sabbatical to the French Caribbean. Neither of them spoke French, except for school French like ‘Je m’appelle Sasha’ 🙂. This was going to be an adventure of a life time for both of them.

Sasha’s son, Kieran is one of those blessings. He is so flexible, adaptable and never complains. He settled in nicely into life on the island and his new school. He took intense French Lessons to bring him up…

A — M

Dedicated to all Lovers 🤍

Of what use is a fantastic job, business or social life if your home is perpetually in turmoil? What wouldn’t you do to come “home” to bliss, peace, warmth and love where you can be just who you are?

Relationships require work and the work must start with you. Relationships are a learning curve. Relationships are to your advantage, an advantage to move you unto the next level of your life, whatever it may be.

Relationships are inspired by numerous factors such as love, hate, sex, revenge, greed, politics, the need for security, material things, an arrangement…

N — Z

Dedicated to All Lovers

N for Neighbourly

Be Kind to Self, Family and All — Pixabay

The one subject that all religions agree upon is the subject of “love”.

“Love thy neighbour as thy selves. Do unto others as you wish to be done unto you” i.e. loving, accepting, respecting others for who they are and not imposing your own views and values on them. However, you’ve got to be able to love yourself first, before you can love anyone else.

Why do people demonstrate more love and respect for their neighbours or pets than for their partners? …

Much as it is very important to adopt good habits and attitudes, it is even more important to rid ourselves of negative thoughts, bad habits, poor outlook to life and to steer clear of demeaning and defeating actions.

A dirty environment within breeds a filthy environment without and directly or indirectly attracts unpleasant things or circumstances into your life.

A clean environment within translates into a healthy, viable environment on the outside and attracts good things into your sphere of life.

Rid yourself of all thoughts and things destructive.

Pleasant reading!

A for Anger

Anger is a nasty and destructive emotion, both to…

A lot of what you’ll read here, are things you’ve heard of before.

ABC Connections aims to reconnect you to these basics; to remind you of the simplicity of life, to enable you to re-evaluate yourself, make new decisions and choices and to have the courage to take new steps.

Pleasant reading!

A for Attitude

The heights you attain in life is determined by your attitude to life.

The attitude you portray to the world, is the response you receive from life.

A good attitude generates a good response. A poor attitude yields a poor response.

What’s your outlook to life?

Are you…

Sade Tolani

Sadé Tolani is a Solopreneur who loves to travel and aims to visit all the countries in the world. So far, she has made it to over fifty countries.

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