ABC of Self — Charity begins at home. Human awareness must begin with the “SELF”.

You are YOU!

There’s only one you in this world and there will only ever be one you.

You are unique.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Love and respect yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Accepting yourself for who you are would make it easier for other people…

ABC To Avoid

Much as it is very important to adopt good habits and attitudes, it is even more important to rid ourselves of negative thoughts, bad habits, poor outlook to life and to steer clear of demeaning and defeating actions.

Anger is a nasty and destructive emotion, both to…

Another one of Sasha’s escapades.

Sasha is one of those people, born with a funny hair. Luckily for her, her hair texture is not of the typical kinky, curly African nature. Compared to her sisters’ and her Mum’s hair, Sasha’s hair is soft and wavy, more like her Dad’s.

She was lucky in the sense…

I still enjoy letter writing.

I recently sent a hand-written letter, requesting for my my Traffic Penalty Notice for driving through a Clean Air Zone to be reversed. (That was because my printer was broken 😎

I actually enjoyed hand writing the letter, popping it in an envelope, addressing the envelope, sticking a stamp on and strolling down to drop it in a letter box.

Quite a therapeutic experience 😊

Thanks for your article, Sarah.

Sade Tolani☀

Sasha's Chronicles

Sade Tolani

A Solopreneur who loves life, loves people, loves exploring new countries and adventures through travel.

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